In Awe

Nicholas Quirke was in awe of the scenery today. Absolutely blue skies showed the off the plains and strange geology of this wide open Wyoming state. It was completely alien at times. Nicholas had to stop himself from continually stopping and taking photos. He used up the memory of the GoPro so quickly he had none left for Colorado and the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. For at least 100 miles he had the road to himself and his route was through the authentic mid west and he saw Ranches and horses, miles of rail track and roads that stretched into the horizon. “Fucking Awesome” he bellowed and stopped the car for another photo. Strangely, in contrast to the machismo and cowboy of his drive he discovered a ‘Broadway’ station and found himself belting out show tunes as he enjoyed the scenery. He once again was taken back to his youth and reminisced about his schooldays and a now departed friend, Cathy Amos, when ‘Happy Talk’ a tune from South Pacific they would sing, was played. Once he was in Colorado and started to see the landscapes of The Rocky Mountains he was equally overawed. He arrived at Boulder for lunch and had sourced the ornate Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse which was donated to the town by Tajikistan and was shipped piece by piece and rebuilt in the town.  Its exquisite teas and atmosphere was a delight and Nicholas enjoyed a Japanese green tea which, he was told by the enthusiastic waitress, was created when roasted brown rice grains fell from a servants sleeves into the Emperors tea as he was pouring it. The Emperor had the man beheaded but when he tasted the tea he loved it.  He had a lovely conversation with two local girls who were also eating there. After lunch he called in at the Contemporary Art Museum and engaged in another great conversation about Boulder and Art and the exhibition which had a wonderful series of paintings based around a river and photographs of it from the 1800s. They gave him some sound advice on this beautiful day of how to handle his journey through the Rockies. He left wishing he had more time to spend in this lovely town which sits in the foothills of the mountains. He loved it’s atmosphere, the welcoming and open attitude of the locals and the cultural significance of the place, it really did deserve more time. He had booked a ticket for the theatre in Denver for that evening so it was straight to his hotel, who, he discovered upon arrival, had upgraded him. A very grand affair. Nicholas was very pleased with his choice of play. ‘Resolutions’ A world Premiere by the EDGE theatre. It was a seasonal and very dark play with a gruesome ending. He conversed with Cally and Craig before the performance who were celebrating 29 years of marriage. The conversation turned to politics, though he was pleased to find that they were liberals, though he came away from there knowing an awful lot about their lives but suspected they knew very little of his.



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