Remembering what Cold feels Like

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying a welcome pit stop in Bloomingdale. He was being looked after by Ann and George, he was able to get some laundry done and was even taxied to and from the train station. The journey into Chicago bought many visual treats including the Double Decker train itself. Of course, he had to ride up top. It continued to be a source of wonder how cheap some things were in the USA, petrol seemed absurdly low and the train fare was also very cheap. Being in a private home was also interesting, seeing the enormous size of the fridge was a big surprise. His day however, was all about Chicago and he had plenty to see. High on his list was the Site of the Biograph, outside which John Dillinger was shot but this proved to be outside the distance range he had set himself. Nicholas had to finally admit that this was really cold, his 5 layers were not enough, so cold that he went into Macy’s to get some ear muffs and came out with a Tommy Hillfiger Anorak, reduced from $300 to $100 so it was goodbye to his thrift store ambition. In addition his visit did include a Skyscraper with a church spire on top, making it the highest church in the world, the Chicago Cultural Center which houses a intricate and beautiful giant glass dome designed by Tiffany. Millennium Park with its Pavilion designed by Frank Greary, The Bean, a walk to the spectacular waterfront and a visit to The Institute of art and their impressive collection of America’s art. Nicholas had sourced a vegan restaurant to ensure he had a good meal. He was not pleased when having walked a good six blocks out of his way there was a notice on the building saying ‘Coming soon’ It was not even open! He opted instead for all meal at a Foodlife Hall when he had a wonderful tofu stir fry Nicholas was surprised and entertained as he was approached by a shoe shine boy, genuinely waning to clean his shoes! Then it was off to the Looking Glass Theatre for a magical adaptation of Dickens Hard Times, though he was amused by the strange array of British working class accents. It felt a long journey back and Nicholas was grateful for the lift from George as he was tired and ready for bed. The good news was that Ray Moore had failed to take Alabama and the Democratic candidate won, there was a sense of relief in the house. Is the tide starting to turn.



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