Niagara Falls as Nicholas Fails

Nicholas Quirke was ending his day feeling conflicted. Every time he reached a destination he felt a ridiculous amount of pride and achievement because it seemed an absurdly huge effort. He had made a schedule of things to do place to go and routes to take and anticipated, on 10th December, reaching Detroit in time to see at least 1 attraction before checking in at his hotel, but this did not prove to be the case and he was mildly, only mildly, irritated. A spectacular morning at Niagara Falls and though the rides and attractions were closed, seeing the Falls and witnessing the power of them was truly ‘awesome’ He thoroughly enjoyed his walk through the park and Goat Island, on yet again another beautiful and bright day he should have felt the biting cold, but it was no more so than a chilly winter day in Brighton.  After relying on the timings google maps gave him he was shocked to discover his trip from Niagara to Detroit was going to take 7 hours, it was not aided by the fact that he couldn’t take the car into Canada and then back out again. He was confused and had to take a more southerly route that took him through 4 USA states, New York, Pennsylvania and into Ohio then Michigan. He was taken around Cleveland which he had not expected. Nicholas was amused by the size of Lake Erie, it was more like a sea, the Lochs and lakes of Scotland and Cumbria were laughably small in comparison. Seeing the amazing skyline of Cleveland was exiting and he hurriedly set the Go Pro into action only for him to discover he had to turn off before he could capture it and when it was close it was on the right and he couldn’t film it. Once in Ohio and heading towards Toledo it started to snow and the road conditions were treacherous so he had to go more carefully so further delayed.  Negotiating self service Petrol pumps became an issue but the attendants were all friendly and helpful. Nicholas noticed on his entry into Detroit that this industrial city was pumping smoke and fumes, in a big and noxious way, into the atmosphere. He finally arrived at the hotel in Detroit amidst snow which seemed lovely but once in his room the air conditioning was blowing cold air and it wouldn’t stop so they had to move him to another room. The internet connection was dire. It made it impossible for him to add photos and film to his blog which he would need to edit the next day. His technology was letting him down. The WIFI connector that EE supplied didn’t work. He couldn’t make phone calls, the phone he had purchased didn’t work and the customer service was appalling,  which meant he couldn’t contact the people he was meant to stay with in Chicago and he failed to update his blog properly. He was frustrated and fed up in Detroit.


  1. Hi, Nick! Sorry you encountered so many tech issues. I hope all is better today. I am enjoying your blog!:) I feel like I am traveling along with you:). Safe travels, my friend! xo

  2. The pictures you did add were breath taking, sorry to hear the vast distances you are travelling are taking their toll, but good that you can find time to pause and marvel still

  3. Looking fab, Nick!
    When in Chicago, it would be rude not to go to iO, Annoyance or similar to see some excellent improvised comedy.
    I recommend Felt: An Improvised Puppet Show on 13th Dec. And on 14th is the Improvised Shakespeare Company.

    Have fun – also the Architectural Boat Tour is wonderful but probably out of season.

    Ps i can’t help you with the cleaner. Soz!

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