Into the Sixties

Nicholas Quirke was exactly where he wanted to be. On waking and looking out into the chill bleak morning, the landscape offered up to him was of an authentic America and felt a million miles from the metropolitan sightseeing and glamour of  New York. After the strangeness of his encounter the previous evening; he had never before been asked, “Do you have a rifle with you?”, which had left him feeling a little uncomfortable. it was good to see the daylight and to go visit the museum in Bethel. He was unprepared for just how good the museum was and how emotional this monument to Woodstock made him feel. As he was early he had the exhibits to himself and he enjoyed the film about the musicians at the end though he could hear some disturbance as he left. An older man, one of the volunteers turned out to be Charlie who had been an ‘Attendee’ who pressed a small round wooden disc into his palm, a memento from the 2015 celebration, “I only give those to ‘Attendees”, he said “But you are special and you are getting one.” This saved him squandering any further money on merchandise. He finished his visit with a tour to the actual site and the spot where the stage was. Feeling like a ‘flower child’ and looking to his eventual visit to San Francisco he set off on the long drive north. he was so excited by the sights and wanted to stop and photograph everything he saw from the sights in Delaware, churches, grasses and the plantations of trees stripped dead by the winter to derelict buildings and the signposts, Sleepy Hollow, Syracuse, Buffalo and a site he didn’t get to see but intrigued,  ‘Bruce Museum’ . Unfortunately his camera was not working since Wednesday evening so he couldn’t be as snap happy as he had been. He loved the changing landscape and started to feel the chill in the car as he drove further north. It took him six hours to get to Niagara and for company he had discovered radio station which played solely music from the 80s. He had booked a cheap room in a Shereton which he discovered had been upgraded to a double with a view of the river. After a Facetime chat with Cole he enjoyed the luxurious benefits of the hotel and looked forward to a spectacular morning.



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