Whirlwind Farewell Tour

Nicholas Quirke was amused to see that his diary for the day included a series of meetings and goodbyes and he observed that his week seemed to be a whirlwind farewell tour before his flight on Saturday. He met with Peta and Cath at the Marwood to discuss plans for their Xmas 2018 ShowShoppers project and they decided on the story  to base the work on, before going to view rooms at The Old Ship Hotel as a potential venue. This all looked very impressive and  with a sense that this really could work, they excitedly agreed to book it. Lunch with Paula and Julian, for another reunion was at Pho and Nicholas was thrilled to have been introduced to a really great, economical place to eat as a Vegan, where the food was sensational. Now he had to think about adding Vietnam to his itinerary. At home he continued to tidy and get the flat ready and was delighted to find the Parisian phone number he had lost 2 years previously for his dear friend Susanna and immediately called her. It was wonderful to catch up, reminisce and look to continued laughter in the future. He then called Cole to wish him a safe journey for the next day when he would be travelling New York in advance of his Father. Nicholas then set off for a delicious supper and more goodbyes from Godson Sam and Cathie. He felt really exhausted and a little emotional at the end of the day and was glad of an early night before the frenetic pace of his final days in the UK.

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