The Joy of not working.

Nicholas Quirke was given the opportunity to celebrate his redundancy and after a morning tea at Teddy’s in Shoreham with Trevor Harvey he went to Bernie’s who was enjoying the spoils of her own redundancy. They both were happy and relaxed and enjoying not working, there seemed so much to do, people to see, things to buy and places to go. After more tidying up Nicholas had intended to do more preparation on his imminent departure but ended up watching back to back episodes of The Fall till it was time to go to meet Julian for Ballet Boys at the Dome. He bought a ginger beer and a pink lemonade which came to a ludicrous £5.60 and he was barely over the horror of that expense when he was asked to pay £5.00 for a programme. Nicholas only had £4.00 so he was reduced to asking Peta Taylor if she could lend him a pound.  4 choreographers were given the task of devising a Dance around the theme of balance in 14 days and he found the results  mesmerising. As always with contemporary Nicholas liked to think that it was a skill within the realms of possibility and the memory of his various interpretive dance efforts amused him all the way home and to bed.


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  1. I read this on the way to work and I just want you to know, I hate you a little for this. A bigger part of me pleased you are enjoying yourself but there is a small part that is flipping you the v’s

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