Deja Vu

Nicholas Quirke was experiencing a sense of Deja vu on Monday morning 24th November as he found himself once again facing a phobia. This day Nicholas was at a Pharmacy in Hove enduring 3 inoculations for Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Typhoid. He was left with the feeling that he was being severely punched in the arm, forever! This experience was the precursor to yet another train journey to London, treading the same steps, seeing the same sights again for another appointment at the Chinese Visa service. Though this was where the echo of his Friday diverged. It was a successful visit to the Visa office and he treated himself to a truly delicious salad @CafeBelow, many delicious tastes and textures and colours. As he was at the theatre in the evening, it provided him with the opportunity to see Brother Michael and family before his departure. With time to kill he decided to walk to Elephant And Castle and happenstance brought him past the Southwark Playhouse where Miles Richardson was rehearsing Dear Brutus and yes he was free for coffee. After this brief hiatus it was onto Brother’s and another goodbye. Michael drove him to the Royal Court for Goats which he was looking forward to, particularly as it was billed there were live Goats on stage. Sadly, the goats seemed to be better than the Syrian actors, or at least the conceits of the production, which was messy and confused. It did not help that at the start of the production, the Director asked for feedback and went on to advise that they had already after 2 performances dropped a character and rewritten, not a comment to inspire confidence so maybe too harsh on the actors who may well have been very confused themselves. During the interval, at 9pm Nicholas asked an usher what time it was due to finish. “About 10.20”. No, after the day’s excitements he could not stand another hour and a half so he left and came home.

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