Another Goodbye

Nicholas Quirke was overwhelmed with panic on the morning of 26th November. The realisation that he had less than a week before his odyssey began and that he would be away from home, and he would not see friends and family for nearly 4 months came to him and he felt alarmed. He contacted Harvey and made arrangements to see him that afternoon to ensure he had performed some kind of goodbye. It was a relief to see Harvey and Grace and he felt calm once more. They agreed that they would call in to his apartment once a week and take control of organising Air B&B in his absence. At home he cleared more of the detritus in his room including taking down the shelf of shame. He met the new tenants in Flat 5 who seemed really nice though they were concerned by a strange intermittent tapping or knocking that was coming from Number 7. They invited him into the flat to listen and indeed there was an irregular beat. Nicholas thought that it was his neighbour practising on his keyboard. He got to the St Jame’s Tavern early for the final goodbye from his old team. Moira was first to arrive then Amy and Jack but he was disappointed to learn that Audrey and Rob could not make it. They moved to the Sidewinder which was a strange coincidence as he had been in there the night before for the first time, was this swiftly becoming his not so local local? There was much hilarity which increased when Audrey put in an appearance. When Nicholas explained why he was keen to go up the Empire State Building, there was much scepticism from his friends. His childhood recurring nightmare of plummeting to his death in a lift in the building, he believed, had been his brain translating the memory and trauma of his birth into a recognisable, if not terrifying scenario. Taking a lift up there to the top would lay the ghost of that dream to rest. Once again it was sadness mixed with excitement that he finally parted from his friends.IMG_6099

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