An Ordinary Day

Nicholas Quirke was not looking forward to starting 24th November 2017, as his first appointment of the day was with a Dr who would be inflicting him with a steroid injection into the palm to cure his ‘Trigger Finger’ and he suspected (only to be proven right) that it would hurt! Neither was he looking forward to tackling Southern Rail for the first time in 2 years. However, his journey to London proved to be easy and convivial. He was surrounded by an American family and was quick to take advantage of any knowledge of their homeland they could impart. This included giving him their contact details and offering to help while he was in New York State, they clarified with each other that once outside of their environment he was on his own. Funny and fabulous people. By the time he reached the offices of the Chinese Visa Service his spirits were soaring only to be dashed by bureaucracy and the discovery that he was 3 days outside the time frame for them to issue him with a Visa. This means he will have to return on Monday! Despite fears that slow service could mean he might be there for hours Nicholas got to the BBC to meet Anna in good time. They were there for a special screening of ”Eric, Ernie and Me’, to be aired at Christmas, which is a touching and beautifully realised account of Morcambe & Wise’s partnership with writer Eddie Braben. They mingled with the likes Of Barry Cryer who shared personal anecdotes during the post film discussion. It was a shock when they came to leave to find the BBC was in shutdown and no one could leave the building due to a suspected terrorist attack down the road at Oxford Circus. Nicholas spotted that Mark Kermode was trapped alongside them. When finally released and he just about to get on a tube train he again found himself in company of the renowned film reviewer and had to ask him for directions. London Bridge was just confusing but despite the wrong turns and flights of stairs  Nicholas eventually got home safely.



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