Nicholas Quirke was waking to a sunny day and birthday greetings from family and friends, greetings  which he  excitedly and thankfully received on FB and text as they multiplied throughout the day. Cathie was free for a coffee at 9.30 and he found himself again at AlCampo lounge for a birthday breakfast. Nicholas was meeting Sister and Katherine Stocks for lunch at Bolney stage, providing himself with another opportunity to test the GoPro. This time he was going to be driving and checking out the best angles for filming inside a vehicle. Very entertaining  and tasty lunch which was peppered with gossip and smut. Though his evening was not quite what he was expecting, it was fun and spent with family. After a visit to Mother and Bruce, he and Harvey ordered an Indian takeaway and watched the intense and visually exciting  ‘GoodTime’. The night was rounded off nicely from absent son Cole and Grace. Updating  his latest experiment proved to be too overwhelming and at 2 am Nicholas finally ended his birthday and went to bed

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