Nicholas Quirke was appalled, on waking,  to discover an email from an eBay buyer who had not received goods, dispatched by him on 11th of November, demanding a refund. This then involved a lengthy contact with the couriers, eBay and the buyer who had left nasty feedback on his eBay but to no avail. It seemed an appropriately gloomy start to a day whose skies also appeared gloomy. Things looked up when he picked up Terry and, after a circuitous route taking in B&Q and the back streets of London Road, they enjoyed a green tea and chat at Moe’s. High on the agenda for the day was a pre-birthday lunch with Penny Parker at Infinity Foods Kitchen where again he enjoyed an Artisan platter. They talked of the Odyssey and the conversation took a wonderfully surreal turn  when Penny suggested marketing his trip with enigmatic badges ‘Are you Following?’, ‘What Odyssey are you on?’ which they soon extrapolated into a TV series and having viewers bid on where to send him and what daring deed to impose on Nicholas Quirke next. This Tom foolery was followed up with some larking about in a photo booth at Photomatic. On hearing that it was Nicholas’s impending birthday the hipster proprietor gave them a free token. On his way home Nicholas encountered Conor Baum, indolently  sipping wine outside the Alcampo Lounge. Discussion of late summer production plans for D.A.F.T ensued and he went home with a new script idea to contemplate. Admin as ever awaited him at home.


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