More Goodbyes

Nicholas Quirke was seeing family and friends again today, though this time it was all about him. With his birthday looming, and the impeding odyssey less than two weeks away it was an opportunity for some farewells. Nicholas observed that if he was told a few months ago he would be going to a ‘goodbye’ soiree in his honor , hosted by his Ex Wife Eileen and her new husband Richard in their elegant apartment, he would have raised a more than skeptical eyebrow.  Yet here he was feeling comfortable in their home enjoying the vegan nibbles and fiery ginger beer they provided.

It was great to see them along with Cathie, Rory, Peta, Harvey and Grace, Steven, Mother and Bruce and to the discomfort and irritation of some,  it provided him with another opportunity to test and play with the GoPro. He and Peta lingered till about 8.30 then home and tried to put together another video.

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